May 2020

Fall 2019

Sod Webworm a.k.a Lawn Moths: Drought damage or Webworms? Many Manitoba lawns were showing signs of drought stress at the end of 2019.  If you have a lawn that’s looking more brown than green with brown patches that are getting larger, you may need to take a closer look.  To find out more and see

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Summer 2019

The summer has been busy with harvesting sod for our homeowners and commercial clients. Our install and landscaping crews have been kept very busy too.  This is the second season of extreme dry and drought conditions in most of Manitoba.  It\’s been challenging for most lawns new and established.  Good watering and mowing practices have

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Spring 2019

We welcomed spring this year with open arms after such a brutally cold winter. The phones were buzzing with orders and questions.  We love that!  🙂We are always happy to fulfill sod orders, but we are equally happy when our clients are interested in keeping their lawns healthy and thriving. This year we\’ve added a

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