We are often asked, ‘ How soon after my sod is installed or laid out should it be watered?’ Once you have installed your new sod or it has been installed by our Blue Grass Sod Landscaping crew, it’s time to water.  The sod you receive from our sod farm nursery is fresh cut the day your order is arriving or the install is being done.  The most basic need for survival for any plant is water.
To keep your new Kentucky BlueGrass sod beautiful and green, it doesn’t matter what time of day the install is taking place the sod must be watered immediately. That means morning, noon or evening those sprinklers need to be going. With larger projects you will need to water sections of the new grass as you work.
Avoid having sprinklers watering the topsoil in the areas you will still be working on. This is easily accomplished by changing the location or aim of the sprinklers. Otherwise you will have a mud pie to work in!

Once the initial intense watering is complete, meaning it’s soaked through the root mat of the sod and at least 2 inches/ 5 cm into the top soil under the sod.  Then you can begin your scheduled early morning watering.  

The biggest mistakes made when installing new sod are:

-Not installing the sod as soon after it arrives to your site as possible.
-Improper preparation of the site such as weeds or vegetation not removed.
-Not enough top soil or improper preparation of top soil.
-Lack of water or not watering soon enough.

Any and all of these will ruin the lawn immediately and in the long term.
Always remember that our sod is made up of living grass plants, that have been cared for and grown to maturity then harvested for transplanting. Like any plant that is transplanted, some extra care is needed to make sure it gets the best possible start in its new home.