Blue Grass Sod Rolls

New Sod Survival: How to Keep Your Investment Thriving

Spring in Manitoba brought exceptionally dry conditions, leaving not only the spring flowers missing refreshing showers, but also leaving lawns parched and in need of relief. Despite some rainfall, it hasn’t been enough to provide significant hydration. Understanding the Signs of Drought: Recognizing the signs of drought is crucial in maintaining a healthy and vibrant …

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Vole Damage

The snow has finally melted and our lawns have emerged. Many of us quickly changed from anticipation to disappointment as we discovered that voles had been inhabiting our lawns throughout the winter months. The tunnels and mounds of grass crisscrossing our lawns throughout Winnipeg and the surrounding areas are the tell-tale signs of vole damage. What …

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When to Water New Sod?

People often ask us, \”When should I water my newly installed sod?\” Once you have installed your new sod or it has been installed by our Blue Grass Sod Landscaping crew, it\’s time to water.  Typically begin watering within 30 minutues of installing.Our sod farm nursery cuts the sod fresh on the day of delivery …

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