Care & Feeding

Maintaining the health of your lawn and preventing problems is the best way to avoid weeds, pests or disease. And it’s easier than most people think.

What the letters N-P-K on the fertilizer bag mean:

N = Nitrogen
Promotes lush green growth.
P = Phosphorus
Encourages strong root growth.
K = Potassium/Potash
Assists in healthy root growth & disease resistance.

The Facts

Liquid vs. Granular:

How Much Fertilizer to use:

Fertilizer should be applied based on the square footage of the area & the specific nutrient needs of your lawn.

  • Granular: Please follow manufacturer’s instructions on bag or container. 
  • Liquid:  Follow manufacturer’s instructions on container.

NOTES of Caution:

  • More is not better. Excessive amounts of fertilizer can result in burnt spots on your lawn. 
  • Always follow the directions on the package label.
  • Use care to avoid spilling fertilizers.
  • Never fertilize a wet or dew covered lawn.  If a lawn is wet when fertilized, the result is usually burning of the grass due to the granules sticking to the blades and dissolving on them rather than dissolving into the soil. 
  • To avoid dark streaks, and assure more even distribution, apply half of the needed fertilizer in one direction and the remaining amount in the opposite direction on your lawn.  
    EXAMPLE: Apply the first half in a north-to-south direction, and then apply the other half in an east-to-west direction.
** Important
  • Water your lawn for about an hour, immediately after applying granular fertilizer. 

The granules will then dissolve and carry the nutrients to the roots of the grass where it is needed.

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