Peat Base Sod

Peat Base Sod simply means that the grass plants or sod is grown on peat soil instead of mineral.

Our Peat Sod will grow & thrive on 2 Way, 3 Way & 4 Way soil mixes typically sold at local soil companies.

Our Blue Grass Sod is shipped to and is thriving in Winnipeg & surrounding areas of Manitoba, along with Saskatchewan & parts of Ontario. 

The secret? Peat Sod is great and a simple maintenance program keeps it healthy and thriving. 

Peat Base Sod is most commonly used in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba  for sod projects, whether commercial or residential. 

Peat Sod is used in homeowners’ front & back yards, on golf courses, children’s play areas and even on a rooftop! Proving itself over and over as a great choice.

Why choose Peat Base Sod for your project?

Peat sod has lusher growth than mineral sod.
Also, Peat Based sod has a much more cushioned, softer base than say a mineral sod would have. 

This is simply the nature of Peat sod vs mineral sod. This is a consideration when children are running, playing and of course tumbling and falling.  Peat base sod is a better choice for a more cushioned landing & feel under your feet. 

Our Kentucky BlueGrass Peat Sod has been the foundation of a children’s playground, which is pictured on our website and is preforming wonderfully with basic care & maintenance. The playground is now in its fourth year and everyone involved is very pleased with the choice to go with Peat Base.

 In general Peat Base Sod has a nicer feel underfoot for all ages!  Many people refer to it as feeling like a cushioned carpet, rather than a hard unyielding surface for walking or playing on.

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