These are a some frequently asked questions:

No, not all sod is the same.  Sod can & does differ greatly between suppliers. Those differences begin with the quality & type of seed. The differences can be seen in species or type of grass being grown, colour, quality, freshness, consistency, plant maturity and whether the soil base is peat or mineral. The type of care and maintenance on the sod farm makes a difference too.

Remember:  If the pallet doesn’t say BLUE GRASS SOD – it’s not ours.

Yes, we grow and harvest our own sod.  Our sod nursery farm is located at Stead, Manitoba.

We grow it, so we know it! From seed choice, maintenance & care through to harvest.

Sod is mature turf grass that has been professionally grown & harvested specifically for the establishment of a lawn.

We grow Certified Kentucky BlueGrass Sod on nutrient rich organic Peat soil.

No. Harvesting sod does not deplete the soil on our fields and we have never had to truck in or add to the soil on our peat fields in the 58 years of sod production.  When sod is harvested the base of a sod roll is mainly made up of roots and minimal amounts of soil.

Yes!  Peat Sod grows extremely well in Winnipeg & surrounding areas. Peat Base Sod has no problem rooting into your ‘local’ topsoil. The topsoil you order for your yard & sod projects has a percentage of peat soil mixed into it – usually 25%– 40% is peat.
Peat is added to help the black soil retain moisture.

BlueGrass Sod can be planted or installed well into the fall.  October and even into November as long as we are able to harvest sod from our fields it can be transplanted to your site. We typically go through to the end of October.  Each year is a bit different. Frost that kills flowers does not effect the harvest or installing of sod.  Call our office to check on sod availability.

The only time Peat Sod will shrink and cause gaps in a new lawn is due to lack of water. Be sure to thoroughly soak your new sod immediately after you install it.  Then keep the root side of the sod and the topsoil below moist, by watering daily.  Maintaining a good moisture content in the sod and soil will alleviate problems, and encourage rooting. Once your new sod is rooted, you can follow the ‘established lawn’ procedures found on our ‘Care & Feeding’ page.

Our Peat Sod rolls are 24″ wide x 81″ long.

Each roll is 13.5 sq. feet or 1.5 sq yards each.

Larger rolls means fewer seams & joints in the lawn and less carrying when you work on your project!

single roll of Peat sod weighs approx. 25 – 30 lbs or 12 – 14 kgs

Weight varies with moisture content.
In comparison a single smaller mineral sod roll weighs approx 45 – 50 lbs or 21 – 23 kgs each & varies with moisture content.

Yes, please bring tie-downs or rope to secure your sod inside the box of your truck or trailer.  If you are picking up sod with a van or car you will want to put a plastic sheet or tarp inside to contain the soil.

Yes – absolutely!  Fresh cut sod is a must. We harvest sod from our farm and load it onto the truck immediately for our deliveries and pick-up orders. 

No.  Sod left to sit on the pallets will heat from the center and ‘burn’ the grass. Sod that has been left to sit and heat will have obvious damage patterns that are easily spotted.  Please be sure you are able to install the sod as soon as it arrives or very shortly after. Sod should be installed the same day as it arrives.

No, putting a sprinkler on or hosing down the pallets of sod will not stop the heating process. Wetting down sod on the pallets makes a bad situation far worse. The sod needs to be installed ASAP after delivery.  Please plan to install the sod the same day as it arrives.

To ensure your new sod thrives, it is essential to add an adequate layer of topsoil before installing your new sod.
If you don’t have adequate topsoil depth, your lawn won’t retain enough moisture and won’t provide enough space for the roots to grow. This can result in an unhealthy and unattractive lawn that’s susceptible to weeds, pests, and disease. To ensure optimal growth, we recommend a minimum depth of 3 inches of lightly compacted topsoil.

Yes, once your new sod is rooted & established into it’s new surroundings it will continue to thicken and green up throughout the growing season.

Yes! We deliver sod orders 6 days a week including Saturdays – weather permitting of course.

No, we will never force you to order full pallets of sod.  You will get the yardage you require when you order from us.

If you only need half a pallet of sod, that is what we will deliver. We don’t believe in making our customers pay for extra sod that they don’t need.

Absolutely! If you only need a single roll or a few rolls of sod that’s fine – no problem. Call us to arrange the pick up your order.  If you need it delivered, we can do that too – delivery charges do apply.  Call us for details.

Not a problem!  We can supply fresh cut sod for your project no matter what amount you need.

Yes, we do offer sod installs & landscaping services. Please call for pricing.

Yes. As part of our customer service empty pallets will be picked up a few days after your sod is delivered.  Please leave them easily accessible for our drivers and free of sod & other debris.

If you picked up your sod, please return the pallets to the agreed upon location at time of pick up.

Yes, we sell seed for lawn repairs.  Please call our office for pricing & info.

All sod harvesting and deliveries are weather permitting

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