When to Water New Sod?

 When to water your newly installed sod.

Once you have installed your new sod or it has been installed by our
Blue Grass Sod Landscaping crew, it’s time to water your new sod lawn. 
Our sod is cut fresh on the day of delivery or installation, ensuring optimal freshness. Watering the same day is essential.

Immediate Watering
– Begin watering your new sod within 30 minutes of installing your new sod.

Importance of Watering

– Water is essential for the survival of any plant, including your new Kentucky Blue Grass Sod.
– Water your new sod immediately after installation, regardless of the time of day.
– For large projects, water completed sections as you work to avoid sod drying out.

Sprinkler Management
– Avoid watering bare top soil in areas that are still being worked on.
– Adjust sprinklers aim or location to prevent creating wet muddy conditions.

Initial Intense Watering
-Ensure the sod is soaked through the root mat and at least 2 inches(5cm) into the top soil.
-After this initial watering, switch to a scheduled early morning watering routine.

Common Mistakes to Avoid
– Not installing sod promptly after delivery.
– Failing to properly prepare the site for sod (e.g. not removing weeds or vegetation).
– Insufficient or improperly prepared top soil.

Your new Blue Grass Sod lawn consists of living grass plants, that have been cared for and grown to maturity then harvested for transplanting. Like any plant that is transplanted, some extra care is required to make sure it gets the best possible start in its new home.

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