Vole Damage

The snow has finally melted and our lawns have emerged.
Many of us quickly changed from anticipation to disappointment as we discovered that voles had been inhabiting our lawns throughout the winter months.
The tunnels and mounds of grass crisscrossing our lawns throughout Winnipeg and the surrounding areas are the tell-tale signs of vole damage.

What is a vole? It is a small brown rodent similar to a field mouse.

If you have vole damage in your lawn, you’re not alone, and we\’re here to help!

We understand the frustration of seeing your once-healthy green lawn turned into a mess by these pesky rodents.
Your Kentucky BlueGrass lawn may initially appear completely destroyed, but the good news is that much of the damage can usually be fixed.

Click  to download our Vole Damage Repair guide.

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